About me

My name is Christian, I am radio licenced  from 22 december 1993 with the callsign F1UII. Since 1996, i am F5UII, amateur station in E HAREC 1 group.

Currently on the air during car circulating on 2m and 70cm FM, on DMR (2083 East France) and also on the geostationary satellite QO-100, in SSB and television (DATV). You can hear me and contact me over the Petit Ballon repeater, located in Departement 68. I am equipped with a decametric transceiver and 6 meters. I’m on the air somewhat from the house, but also from French Guiana, where I am called to go for professional reasons.

You can also follow me through my APRS beacons. Here you can see my last position.

To contact me, please do not hesitate and just use the contact form, or twitter/F5UII