About me

My name is Christian, I am radio licenced  from 22 december 1993 with the callsign F1UII. Since 1996, i am F5UII, amateur station in E HAREC 1 group.

Currently on the air during car circulating on 2m and 70cm FM, on DMR (2083 East France) and also on the geostationary satellite QO-100, in SSB and television (DATV). You can hear me and contact me over the Petit Ballon repeater, located in Departement 68 Not so long ago, I am equipped with a decametric transceiver and 6 meters. I’m on the air somewhat from the house, but also from French Guiana, where I am called to go for professional reasons.

You can also follow me through my APRS beacons. Here you can see my last position. I am also the webmaster of the Haut-Rhin Amateur Club www.ref68.com.

To contact me, please do not hesitate and just use the contact form, or twitter/F5UII