This week contests

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Contest Date
RSGB 80m Club Championship, Data
1900Z-2030Z, Apr 26
UKEICC 80m Contest
1900Z-2000Z, Apr 25
432 MHz Spring Sprint
1900 local - 2300 local, Apr 25
CWops Mini-CWT Test
1300Z-1400Z, Apr 25 and 1900Z-2000Z, Apr 25 and 0300Z-0400Z, Apr 26
0145Z-0215Z, Apr 27
NCCC Sprint
0230Z-0300Z, Apr 27
Florida QSO Party
1600Z, Apr 28 to 0159Z, Apr 29 and 1200Z-2159Z, Apr 29
Helvetia Contest
1300Z, Apr 28 to 1259Z, Apr 29
SP DX RTTY Contest
1200Z, Apr 28 to 1200Z, Apr 29
10-10 Int. Spring Contest, Digital
0001Z, Apr 28 to 2359Z, Apr 29
Phone Fray
0230Z-0300Z, Apr 25
SKCC Sprint
0000Z-0200Z, Apr 25
CQMM DX Contest
1200Z, Apr 21 to 2359Z, Apr 22
QRP to the Field
0800-1800 local, Apr 21
Worked All Provinces of China DX Contest
0600Z, Apr 21 to 0559Z, Apr 22