PlutoDVB patch

About the PlutoDVB patch

I offer a patch for PlutoDVB (since the 22/08/2020 alpha version which uses the firmare analog device, version 0.32).

You can find here the different patch versions. You install the patches at your own risk of damage, no warranty is associated with the softwares.

You can comment on this page (only in english), and report any problem you would have noticed. Please clearly specify the versions used (analog, basic firmmare and patch). It will be used to improve the software.

Patch version


2308 UII1
  • BATC spectrum (only if client is online) – Thanks to the BATC/AMSAT-UK ‘s fabulous reception and streaming installation, we benefit from the spectrum of the real-time television transponder, broadcast over the internet.
  • Change transmit frequency by click on a channel
  • Up frequencies added to Robertor’s channel list
  • Reboot command
  • Restore firmware by deleting added patches
  • Some html format compliance mods (bolded odd columns, uniform presentation of units in the table, adding a tab icon on Controller page)
  • Bug Correction : When click on the spectrum, calculation with Local Oscillator (transverter) is used to calculated IF.
  • 25% width colums table, Button and slider designed in standard colors

2908 UII2
  • Minitiouner Receiver control by clicking on a channel of the spectrum with its setup fields and Help tab – Even if the patch is includind in 2908 Alpha version, is not currently functional
  • Retractable spectrum


The patches are included in main firmware version 2708 Alpha :

Do not forget to do [CTRL]-[F5] on your browser

Windows: [CTRL]-[F5]
Mac/Apple: Apple + [R] or command +  [R]
Linux: [F5]


  • Copy frequency and also SR to modulator (right clic on spectrum)
  • Add multiple minitiouner steering
  • Portsdown steering (if possible – do not know this sytem – at this time)

Your feature ideas are welcome, in comments below. Not everything is possible, but don’t deprive yourself, write down your ideas.

GitHub place for developper

Evariste F5OEO have open a repository on github which will allow to enrich PlutoDVB with the help of developers and contributors like me.

Help or donate

you can help me to continue the developments and projects around plutoSDR, by making a gift purchase of an item from Amazon wish list.

4 thoughts on “PlutoDVB patch

  1. The up-dates look very good and should make operation simpler for many to operate.

    I have one question, relating to using the BATC spectrum on the control webpage, how can one disable this feature even when on-line? One may think that it is a good thing, but, when I use Rob’s QO-100 Quicktune to send messages to Minitiouner or Longmynd this means I have to have two instances of network connections to the BATC wb server so using more bandwidth then really necessary. So the option to disable this feature for selecting the transmit side could be useful. There is still the drop down box to select transmit frequencies or the custom option.

    It would also be beneficial if transmitting on other bands such as 23cms and 70cms DATV to switch it off.

    Hope I have not missed such as tick box.


    1. Thank you for your words of encouraging.
      You didn’t miss anything. There is no spectrum disabling feature in this 2308 Alpha version yet, but I’m taking your proposal for a next evolution.
      We are studying the possibility to directly drive the minitiouner from the spectrum of the BATC. That will surely interest you. I take this opportunity to thank again AMSAT-UK and BATC for the digitization and streaming of the wideband transponder profile. It is thanks to their station, its investment and its maintenance that we can collaborate on new very interesting projects.

      Thanks Adrian for the ideas

  2. Driving multiple receivers such as Minitiouner or Longmynd could be a good idea, I drive two separate receivers on my own system. But again thinking along the same lines of it could need to be disabled when not operating on QO-100.

    All I can do is thank all the developers of the Pluto system for DATV.


  3. why not get spectrum from pluto rx port instead of using internet traffic??
    connect pluto rx and minituoner together to same dish and you can use both together … so why not also use pluto rx port to get spectrum?? (no internet needed then)

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