Dual PTT switching board for Adalm Pluto SDR

To switch external devices (e.g. two amplifiers) to the PlutoSDR transmitter, this board is plugged into the internal connector of the Adalm Pluto.

Here is the schematic PlutoSDR PlutoDVB 2PTT.pdf

– Two normally open contacts
– 0.5 A switching
– Does not switch on Adalm Pluto startup (GPO1 not active)
– Useful with SDR Console and PlutoDVB

Software to be installed

In order for the board to switch automatically, you must have installed the firmware PlutoDVB of Evariste F5OEO, in the “Brave” version available

The installation steps are detailed

Further information on switching can be found on the Analog Device wiki.


This board is available on shopchip

This board could be the purpose of a grouped order, either provided as a kit of components and PCB, or possibly as a mounted board (except for the 9-pin connector, to be placed beforehand on the Adalm pluto).

If you are interested, you can be notified of the availability of a grouped order by leaving your email below.

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