Patch PlutoDVB [Perseverance]

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  1. The up-dates look very good and should make operation simpler for many to operate.

    I have one question, relating to using the BATC spectrum on the control webpage, how can one disable this feature even when on-line? One may think that it is a good thing, but, when I use Rob’s QO-100 Quicktune to send messages to Minitiouner or Longmynd this means I have to have two instances of network connections to the BATC wb server so using more bandwidth then really necessary. So the option to disable this feature for selecting the transmit side could be useful. There is still the drop down box to select transmit frequencies or the custom option.

    It would also be beneficial if transmitting on other bands such as 23cms and 70cms DATV to switch it off.

    Hope I have not missed such as tick box.


    1. Thank you for your words of encouraging.
      You didn’t miss anything. There is no spectrum disabling feature in this 2308 Alpha version yet, but I’m taking your proposal for a next evolution.
      We are studying the possibility to directly drive the minitiouner from the spectrum of the BATC. That will surely interest you. I take this opportunity to thank again AMSAT-UK and BATC for the digitization and streaming of the wideband transponder profile. It is thanks to their station, its investment and its maintenance that we can collaborate on new very interesting projects.

      Thanks Adrian for the ideas

  2. Driving multiple receivers such as Minitiouner or Longmynd could be a good idea, I drive two separate receivers on my own system. But again thinking along the same lines of it could need to be disabled when not operating on QO-100.

    All I can do is thank all the developers of the Pluto system for DATV.


  3. why not get spectrum from pluto rx port instead of using internet traffic??
    connect pluto rx and minituoner together to same dish and you can use both together … so why not also use pluto rx port to get spectrum?? (no internet needed then)

    1. I works by many other users of firm 2908 alpha. What version are you using ? Have you catch some error in the console of your browser (F12 key) ?

  4. hmm … why not just use the pluto rx port to get the spectrum?!? no need to have internet then … and its not needed to send the complete receive transponder bw over the pluto usb bus … only do a “rough” scan is enough
    THAT would be much better in my view … get spectrum vom pluto rx and set minituoner that way .. not get the spectrum from batc but receive on your own

  5. To have the last patch working it is necessary to add a right default gateway in the pluto, since the socket connection toward the minitioune is made by the Pluto with PHP.
    For example with SSH : route add default gw
    Where gw is the adress of your gateway

  6. As F6CHK-Roland said, the route command used above for the Pluto to allow minitioune access only works if the Pluto is on the same subnet than the lan gateway (like, this is usually the case if the Pluto is connected directly to the lan via Ethernet. If the Pluto is connected via USB, it is on another subnet, usually something like, so it cannot access directly to the gateway and reach the minitioune or internet traffic. I think one should enable some bridging/routing rules in the host PC (windows or Linux) for this. Still some work to do for understanding precisely all that stuff 😊 a linux network specialist should be welcome here !

  7. hmmm i think MUCH better would be no internet traffic at all!! USE PLUTO to get the spectrum … NOT internet!! … pluto scans the band and sends spectrum to the app and you then tune your minituoner that way … i still hope THAT EVARISTE ADDS IT THAT WAY!

    1. why do you need to SHOUT ? The next time, I will stop approving your comments.
      If you do not want to use the internet ressource, you can put the spectrum off.
      And if you were a bit curious you would have noticed that the project is already in progress for receiving the spectrum with the pluto. Have a look to http://pluto/rx/wb.html

  8. Sorry that was not meant as shouting, I did not want to step on your toes 🙂
    So lease forgive me that fault … its not meant as shouting but highlighting
    I was not aware that the project already is going in that direction (a sidenote: the link you sent did not work) but thank you for the info

    1. Replace pluto by the ip address of your plutoSDR.
      the idea is most likely to exploit the developments of DJ0ABR. For the moment it is only a test… I don’t know if it will succeed to be integrated in the pluto (with everything else!).

  9. Dear F5Uii:
    I am Jabi, ea2aru. Firs, congratulaions for your excelent work. But…. I have one problem: Is impossible upload how you explain ( I have lost the alimenation part in USB port for upload patch … but is possible upload in *frm mode. Is possible, please, send me the last version (Patch UII2.1c) on *.frm mode?
    73,s de Jabi, ea2aru

    1. Jabi,
      For moment, my patches (after version UII1) are not included in any compiled firmware for the Pluto (frm file that you are hope finding). For running this 2.1 or 2.2 patch, you must first off all install the 2908 alpha firmware (download link on your pluto) and then, from the Controller page, section ‘Upload a new firmware or new patch’, upload the file.
      That’s all.

      73 Chris

  10. Dear sir:
    I am Jabi, ea2aru, and I have one trouble wih my Pluto: not is possible upload but is possible upload *.frm to it. If possible, please, convert me the to *.frm for upload it with last version(UII2.2) on my Pluto?
    73,s de Jabi, ea2aru.

  11. Excellent work, the new firmware is running fine in my Pluto, all new additions are very helpful Congratulations to all the team!

    A feature idea is to reads zynx and trx temperatures and display the values in the control page.

    Best 73’s

    Greg S , SV2RR

  12. Yes … good idea to read both temp,
    but tested now half a dozen pluto and all show zynx temp 20 degrees high.
    Alberto added that (found by me) offset in satsagen (newest beta) and Simon also uses that same -20 on the temp readout in console (after i sent him the code he added zynx temp … trx temp was already there) … also newest beta 🙂
    With -20 added the temp of trx chip and fpga shows nearly the same from minus 20 to plus 65 degrees C (yes i put my pluto in deep freezer and heated up with a hair dryer) … so i would call that “usable” for our needs
    means … if you add a temp readout you also shoud add that same -20 degrees
    a sidenote about my tests and moddings … pluto in plastic case heats up from room temp (21) to about 40 to 45 degrees … with passive cooling it stays a lot cooler (around 24 to 25 max)
    why does it show +20 on all plutos tested?? that could be a non calibrated adc or wrong reference voltage …that offset is a usable workaround without further investigating why all plutos show that same wrong value

    1. Greg, Thank you for your kind words, and your feature idea (and easy to code).
      I have prepared the modification to display the temperatures. It’s ready for a next patch
      Pluto Zynq Temperatures
      73 Chris

  13. Hello Chris
    in your picture i see that your zynx reads high … Did you maybe forget to substract those 20 degrees offset??
    Greetz Sigi DG9BFC
    ps there is a reason why i reported my test results 😉

  14. Hello..
    trying to get new 2110 to controll the minitiouner.
    I have the minitiouner and pluto both connected via USB.
    Cannot get the pluto.php to controll the minitiouner..
    Live tune works fine…
    Is there a way to contoll when pluto is conneted via USB e.g
    and pc is on…

    Best regards benno
    ps keep doing the great work…

    1. Benno,

      I did a QSO with Harry PA2HOS this afternoon who explains to me that for him, with the same configuration as you, the Minitiouner connected to USB piloting is possible;
      I think that it can comes from the router which in your case does not authorize transmissions between networks with different address plan.
      Here are some tracks to test:
      – Configure the destination IP address of the PC instead of the multicast address.
      – From a putty session, connect the PlutoSDR and check if the network allows pinging to the PC.

      Look to the side of the main router to set up a rule allowing access to the pilot port of the minitiouner.

      Hoping that this will give you some ideas on how to solve the problem.
      73 Chris

  15. Hi Chris, thank you for another excellent software tool you provide to us.
    I am trying to drive the MT (minitiouner rx software) tune frequency through this but for some reason it will not save after hitting apply settings, or even trying to save to flash… I am running F5OEO alpha 2110. I do feel I am missing something here, but could not identify what?



  16. Hi Chris,
    Yes harry lives only 5Km from me and we meet very offten,
    He informed me a working set and he used teamviewer to get it working here.
    I also went into his system and checked my settings are the same..

    Funny thing, he just told me 1 hour ago that his set is not working anymore.

    This is what we found sofare.
    In the setup the gateway should be set to the 2nd IP of the pluto. So default pluto to USB is and the 2nd ip is The gateway needs to be set at in this case..
    Than apply sould add a gw in ip rou in the pluto…
    This not always works in the first try but needs to be applied inagain in the second apply (for normal TX settings..)
    Next the PC Firewall needs to be opend on network 192.168.2.x and in win 10 this is really difficult.
    I followed roberto’s guide to get the pluto connected to internet via the PC and am able to ping
    but not the PC and not the router..
    But thats due to bad gateways in the PC i suspect..

    So conclusion:
    adding the GW in the pluto works but not allways..
    checking with putty and “ip rou” if its there…
    ping from pluto to pc works…

    Last thing what we found is aply seems not always to work as chrome refresh is not showing.
    I do not have this issue on any other part of the pluto.php
    Only on the destination IP addres…
    So it is really difficult to change the Destination adress ..

    Still thanks for the good job..
    any pointers are appriciated..


    1. “Next the PC Firewall needs to be opend on network 192.168.2.x and in win 10 this is really difficult.
      I followed roberto’s guide to get the pluto connected to internet via the PC and am able to ping
      but not the PC and not the router..”

      I have connected my Pluto in USB and i have no pb to ping or set the minitioune via the spectrum of control panel.
      After applying the settings from Roberto, the pluto is considered as a public network connected to your PC and is not allowed by the PC firewall to ping or access to your PC. So you have to grant access to minitioune for public network in the firewall settings. Just go to the settings in the firewall : grant access to an application, choose minitioune, and check the access from public network.
      Then tou have to edit minitioune.ini and add your PC adresss for receiving commands (confudp address), as the multicast adresses are not routed, Don’t delete the multicast adress just let both of them, and of course in the setup of the pluto control panel you have also to put your PC adress for controlling the minitioune.
      That’s do the job !

  17. Dear om:
    If it is possible, please, send me the last version UI2.3 how your last “UII2.2 patch is also included in the PlutoDVB firmware 2110 : (26,6Mb)”. I have brocked Pluto and not is possible upload the patches. Only new firmware.
    73, and many tnx for your travail, de Jabi, ea2aru.

  18. Hello Chris,
    Thank you for UII2.3 patch.
    Maybe there is a liitle bug:
    Before applying this patch, I was successfully able to select QPSK with FEC 3/5 for my modulation.
    After applying this patch, when selecting QPSK, then FEC 3/5 cannot be selected any more.
    Please try to fix it.
    vy 73,
    Josef OE8JDK

    1. Josef,

      Thank you for your feedback.
      I think this issue of FEC not memorised is resolved. Downdoad the patch again, and tell me. 73
      I saw the issue, I will try to fix it. 73
      23/11/2020 22:55 : A new version (stay named UII2.3) with the fix is available. 73

      1. Hello Chris,
        thank you for trying to fix it. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t work properly: If you try to save QPSK and FEC 3/5, QPSK and FEC 1/4 are saved instead.
        Please try to fix it.
        vy 73,
        Josef OE8JDK

  19. Christian
    For those who have difficulties loading Patch –> Cleaning 😉
    Access the Pluto in SSH using Putty (login: root / pass: analog ) and issue this command:
    # rm -f /mnt/jffs2/patch*
    then restart the Pluto with this command:
    # restart

    73 from ON1RC

  20. In last version (2511) regarding the tabs on controller page : it should not be possible to remove the cross in a tab while renaming the tab, if not you can no more cancel (remove) the tab
    73 – Christian

    1. Not a big issue, reload the page in your browser, and you must find again a delete cross on your tab.
      73 Christian

  21. Hi Christian,
    is it possible to see on waterfall of pluto controller the calls of the stations?
    as the scan & tioune software
    tnx for your work

    1. Raffaele, the channels scanner is indeed planned for development… it will take a little time… 73 and Merry Xmas

  22. Hi Christian,
    The Firmware 2711 is excellent!
    Your website has been a big help to me with my Pluto Encoder Box etc.
    I would not have my station working without the information provided by you.
    Have a happy Christmas!

    1. yes the 2711 firmware makes it possible to do new sypathetic things. It also solves (as with all alpha versions) the problem of sound that was not enabled with the encoder (and as I mentioned here).

      I’m glad to know that my articles have been useful to you. Thanks for your support.
      I wish you, Martin, very pleasant holidays !

  23. Hello,

    Just thought I would try the latest firmware from I notice it is your version U112.3.

    Anyway I am wondering if anyone could help me with an issue.
    I am unable to use the spectrum to control my minitiouner. I am not using Windows and the official software, but longmynd using a version of the script initially done by John G7JTT.

    The script uses the following line to read input:-

    netcat -ul 6789 | while read line
    echo “$line”
    freq=$( awk -F "," '{print $2}' <<< $line | awk -F "=" '{print $2}' )
    sr=$( awk -F "," '{print $5}' <<< $line | awk -F "=" '{print $2}' )
    lnb_offset=$( awk -F "," '{print $3}' <<< $line | awk -F "=" '{print $2}' )
    etc, lots of other lines.

    If I use Quick-tune this runs fine and controls the Minitiouner

    A check using netcat shows that every input is on a new line such that there is a carriage return or newline at the end of the string as in

    But nothing happens when using the spectrum in Pluto controller.
    When driving it with from the Pluto control spectrum the input is: –
    [GlobalMsg],Freq=10491530,Offset=9749461,Doppler=,Srate=01500,WideScan=,LowSR=,DVBmode=Auto,FPlug=A,Voltage=0,22kHz=OFF[GlobalMsg],Freq=10491535,Offset=9749461,Doppler=,Srate=01500,WideScan=,LowSR=,DVBmode=Auto,FPlug=A,Vo etc,
    So may I ask if the web page is sending a Newline or Carrage return ofL or similar as I suspect this is why the Linux script does not work with the new firmware.

    To be honest my knowledge of this is very limited, so I may be on the wrong track.



    1. Adrian,

      I just add a carriage return endline in the script that is steering the minitiouner. Here a patch, please tell me if it is solving this issue with Longmynd.
      Thank you for your test and telling me if the issue is resolved.
      Note that the patches are name “Uii”xxx and not “U11″xxx
      73, Chris

  24. Hello Chris;
    I have had success with the patch. Initially only the first click on the spectrum would work as expected so the Carriage Return you have added must mean that the line: -
    netcat -ul 6789 | while read line
    now completes and writes your message into the variable ‘line ‘.
    Then it would not read anything else. So I started to wonder how I got to see other lines using netcat.
    Then it dawned on me I had to use netcat -ulk 6789, the k being the option to keep the socket open
    -k Keep inbound sockets open for multiple connects”. Adding the k option into my script now allows it to work normally. Again I am guessing, but assume the Rob’s Quick-tune software keeps the connection open, and that possibly you open and then close the socket. each time?

    But at least I have a means of making it work as expected and for that I am extremely grateful for you patch, I prefer Linux to Windows hence try not to use the official Minitiouner software, what I can not do for you is test if it still works OK with that software, but I suspect it will.



    1. Your diagnosis was the right one. Thanks a lot Adrian. Here is that the pluto can thus (for a future version) steer the reception of Longmynd. I’ll be able to indicate this in the Pluto on-board help. The little mod is already commited on f5uii github branch.
      Many other ideas of development are planned, but it will be necessary to be patient…
      Thank you also for your support with the few coffees 🙏. Have a nice Christmas and New Year’s Eve.
      73, Chris

  25. Hello Christian,
    I was surprised what is possible with the latest patch UII 2.4. Steering the minitiouner and so on.
    Great work! Meanwhile I’m trying to find a good setting for my ffmpeg encoding to generate a low bandwidth stream for my limited power.
    What I miss is the possibility to limit the output drive of the pluto to prevent overdriving the following gain stages by accident (or even to protect those against blow-up).
    Thank you so far, merry Christmas and 73, Mike, DL1GNM

  26. Hello Christian (and ALL others)

    Since using the 23-11 firmware update i have audio, great !!
    Strange, on one my Pluto’s changed the ETH adress from from to
    The other one stayed on 🙂

    Recently updated to the 24-12 firmware version on both Pluto’s . I then found out that also the second Pluto also changed the ETH adress by itself from to…

    For a test i downgraded the Pluto to the Analog Devices firmware 0.32.
    I then have writing and saving rights and could change the config-file. After a save eject the new data is saved correctly.

    Then i updated the Pluto to the ”for the brave” version.
    Also then i kept my ETH data.

    From the 23-11 version the ETH changed to and started my “”problem””

    Yesterday a friend of me visited me, he is more experienced in LINUX, and tried to change the ETH data using LINUX instead of WINDOWS i always use.
    It looks there are no writing rights anymore towards the Pluto.
    Also making a new directory is not allowed.

    I am using the network segment 192.168.11.***, and do not like to change all my ETH adresses.
    Are there any tricks to solve my problem ??

    fb 73 Robert F4VSG dept 70

      1. it’s good there and yet still in Download section. (Idea CTRL-F and find ‘PlutoDVB firmware 0201’) 😉

  27. Hello Christian, thank you for a nice job. The Perseverance firmware works well. I have one question. How to set and operate mqtt on Pluto? Thank you for your answer.

  28. Chris;

    This is just a suggestion for some time in the future, but with the new Bandplan Ver 3, what about removing the TX options of 500 KS SR from the top narrow band section of the spectrum window, and the drop down list. Users may still obtain high SR if required by selecting a frequency and then selecting a different SR from the left hand drop down list, that would then be a conscious decision.

    It may be an idea to discuss with other users first.


  29. Hi Christian,
    All was working OK with 0303.
    As lot of talk about IS0GRB PATC V.1.8 decided to see what it offered.
    Thinking that I could remove the patch and return to 0303 working.
    This is not what I found with patch now removed.
    RMTP steaming from OBS works.
    UDP using recording O/P from OBS use to work now has lots of error and no Null Packets just F Null Packets.
    Tried reinstalling 0303 that didn’t fix it.
    I would like to do a clean install of 0303 and start again.
    I have SSH connection to Pluto but my knowledge is poor of what to do.
    Hope you can help me to restore my working system.

    1. Martin,

      I don’t think that this patch is compatible with Perseverence, whose core and the communication layer between the interface and the core have undergone major changes (MQTT).
      I don’t really understand the reason why the removal of the patch would not allow a reversion to a normal state. In any case I don’t know how to propose the maintenance of a patch that I didn’t write, I think everyone will understand that. So see with its author and its technical recommendations of installations.
      Simply a suggestion, without conviction. For all intents and purposes, in case there are abnormally large files on the “load” space, here is a command to list all the files to be launched from the console ls -alRS /mnt/jffs2/. For display the available space: df -h.
      73, Chris

      1. Hi Chris,
        I didn’t expect you to maintain a patch that was not yours.
        Just hoping there was away I could put my Pluto back to factory default so I could do a fresh install of your software.
        Thank for all you do.

  30. Chris;

    Not sure if it is yourself that writes a lot of the browser screens for 0303 Pluto, sorry if not.

    In the general set up screen, not all ‘Apply-Settings’ buttons come back with ‘Saved !’ only the top and bottoms ones do this for me, so I am always unsure if the others are doing their part?

    Not something major, just an observation.


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