Concours de la semaine

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Contest Date
CQ WW WPX Contest, CW
0000Z, May 25 to 2359Z, May 26
QCX Challenge
1300Z-1400Z, May 27 and 1900Z-2000Z, May 27 and 0300Z-0400Z, May 28
Phone Fray
0230Z-0300Z, May 29
CWops Mini-CWT Test
1300Z-1400Z, May 29 and 1900Z-2000Z, May 29 and 0300Z-0400Z, May 30
NCCC Sprint
0230Z-0300Z, May 24
0145Z-0215Z, May 24
Phone Fray
0230Z-0300Z, May 22
CWops Mini-CWT Test
1300Z-1400Z, May 22 and 1900Z-2000Z, May 22 and 0300Z-0400Z, May 23
RSGB 80m Club Championship, Data
2000Z-2030Z, May 22
SKCC Sprint
0000Z-0200Z, May 22