FY/F5UII from 5th to 14 june 2013

I come back for a business trip to Guiana from 5 to 14 June 2013. I will be active with my TS-480SAT on the HF bands in SSB from the radio club FY5KE Kourou. Of course, since i go to Guiana for a “pro mission”, I could not be QRV more than few hours, some days in compatibility of my others activities. I think to be QRV during the week days mornings about 10z to 11:00z and after 21:00z.

I am considering a new incursion on Isle Royale for FY/F5UII/P activation (IOTA SA-020) with a multiband wire antenna which will allow me to be QRV SSB 80 to 10 meters. This activity is not yet certain. If i travel to Royale Island, it will be the week-end, 8. and 9. june. To keep you informed of the conduct of the activity, you can follow me via Twitter @f5uii.Iles du Salut, Guyane

I want to thank again the radio club FY5KE including Bruno, Frédéric Didier and to allow me to use the club station installations during my mission in Guiana.