Activities in Guyana completed, maths reports…

Left of French Guiana last week, I am again back home in Alsace. The difference is striking weather in early February, and not necessarily pleasant. It must be said that in three weeks, you have time to feel so good under sunshining weather and the equatorial heat. On the 47th degrees north, 30 degrees Celsius lost, the gray weather, rain interspersed with snow … brrr. QSL cards arriving in my mailbox

This is the time of reporting these after four weeks in FY (November 2012 and January 2013). I made ??a little over 2000 voice contacts from the radio club FY5KE Kourou, mainly on 20 meters band. I was able to enjoy beautiful openings on 20m and 10m, with Europe, Japan, and the United States.
Some QRP stations were happy to contact me also, as like EA1HFI with 4 watts and also SQ2RBW with 2 watts.

In total this represents, all bands together 72 countries DXCC contacted.

  • 40m : 220 QSO
  • 20m : 1329 QSO
  • 15m : 98 QSO
  • 10m : 355 QSO

Alaska Antigua & Barbuda Argentina Asiatic Russia Australia Austria Azores Bahamas Balearic Is Barbados Belarus Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada Canary Is Ceuta & Melilla Chile Colombia Corsica Costa Rica Croatia Cuba Czech Republic Denmark Dominican Republic England Estonia European Russia Federal Republic of Germany Finland France French Guiana Greece Greenland Guadeloupe Hawaii Hungary Iceland Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy Japan Kaliningradsk Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Martinique Mexico Netherlands Northern Ireland Norway Poland Portugal Puerto Rico Romania Scotland Slovakia Slovenia South Africa South Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland Thailand Trinidad & Tobago U.S. Virgin Is Ukraine United States Venezuela

In the small weekend Ile Royale (IOTA SA-020), I made 662 QSO contacted and 58 DXCC countries.

  • 40m : 0 QSO
  • 20m : 194 QSO
  • 17m : 4 QSO
  • 15m : 464 QSO
  • 10m : 0 QSO

I just finished the graphics card QSL activity IOTA and send the command to the printer today. So I think to answer the first loads of QSL cards in mid March 2013. A little more patient …

Devil Island, from Ile Royale

Picture of Devil Island (No the QSL card !)

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