A quick report about the activation of Royale Island SA-020

After the transfer boat from Kourou, I take possession of the key of the room at the top of Royale. I am ready to build my antennas in a strong hot sunshine. Firstly GPA30 Fritzel vertical (10, 15, 20m), then wire dipoles 40m and 17m, placed between the guards rooms and trees.

FY/F5UII/P Ile Royale - GPA30 Antenna

FY/F5UII/P Ile Royage – GPA30 Antenna

After a quick shower, I finally begun traffic on 15m at 11:34 am local time. I am surprised to hear first and foremost a response to my origine department 68 (F5TGC Hi). After an hour of traffic, the band closes … I take this opportunity to have lunch.

The afternoon was difficult, the propagation is rather small, and the contest activities generate noises. The 40m band was QRM S7. After a few hours of sleep, I take the microphone at 5:00 local on 20m.

In conclusion, 650 contacts and 58 DXCC countries.  You can check your callsign in my logbook.The propagation was not necessarily in the appointment. To renew?

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