Again FY/F5UII from 19 to 28 october 2015

Tree months after my last stay, i will traveling back to French Guiana for professional purpose. I will stay for a little bit more than one week. I will be on the air again from the RACK (Radio club de Kourou) radio-club station of FY5KE.

I will use my TS480 (100W) mainly in SSB and RTTY modes from 40m to 10m (depending of propagation). Also this time, i guess to be activ a little bit on 80m, and 160m (with Shunt Feed mast).

Saint Joseph island


I will be QRV during my spare time approximately before 11:00z, and between 15z and 17z, and also in the evening after 21:00z.

After the activities, you would be able to check my online log trafic for checking if your contacts are good recorded.


One thought on “Again FY/F5UII from 19 to 28 october 2015

  1. Bonjour Christian, je me demande si vous avez étre QRV aussi sur 160m pendant cette courte période, merci, Eli – HA9RE

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