First activity on QO-100 from French Guiana

As usual, I have the opportunity to return to Guyana at the end of October to participate with the radio club FY5KE RACK (Radio club of Kourou) at the CQ WW DX SSB 2019. a few days before the weekend, from 22 to 25 October 2019, and this as much as time allows, we hope to make the first contacts via the new geostationary satellite Qatar Oscar 100, from French Guyana.

The celestial mechanics

Kourou is very close to the equator, at 5 degrees latitude in the northern hemisphere, and longitude 52 degrees west. The geostationary satellite positioned at 26°East longitude with a distance of 41,400 km from Kourou. To be able to focus the satellite from Kourou, we will have to point the sky full East with only 2.8 degrees of elevation above the horizon. This will not necessarily be obvious, especially if we find tropical vegetation on our way. The Skew angle is remarkable, it is very close to 90°: the polarized wave at the departure vertically by the satellite arrives practically in a horizontal way.

  • Latitude: 5.1745°
  • Longitude: -52.6865°
  • Locator: GJ35PE


  • Azimuth: 91.0° (109.3° magnetic)
  • Elevation: 2.8°
  • LNB Skew: -84.7°

The operators

We will be two operators, who will try to activate FY for the first time on QO-100: Florent F4CWN and Christian F5UII.

The equipments

Satellite dish

The dish used will be “limited” to an 80cm television offset dish.


We are bringing with us two transceivers, of two different technologies.

The F4CWN equipment: Very compact Up/Down converter

• IF : 431 MHz, 2w drive
• Outpout power P3dB 40W
• Input NF : 1.5dB
• Rx Conversion Gain : 30dB
• Single ADF4351 based Local Oscillator
• Size : 13x12x8cm box
• Weight: 1.7 kg
• UpConverter/DownConverter/PA F6BVA Design


QO-100 Compact Transceiver – Block Diagram

Compact satellite transceiver for Qatar Oscar 100

Dual Band feeder

Compact satellite transceiver for QO-100

Thanks to F6BVA who has made the design, and also to F1GHB, F1VL, F4BXL, F5AQC, F5BUU, F5NZZ who participated to the success of this project.

The F5UII equipment: Transmitter / receiver of SDR technology

• Full Duplex  SDR Transmiter Receiver : Lime SDR Mini
• Output power P3dB 2,5W
• Amplification : 31dBm (CN0417 + EDUP AB007)
• Dimensions: box of 24 x 10 x 5.5 cm
• Weight: 0.8 kg



SDR QO100 Transmission and reception

LimeSDR Mini Full Duplex

CN0417 Analog Device

LNB feeding by Tee bias

Activation schedules

Unfortunately, there is no specific activation program, as the main objective of this week in French Guiana is not traffic via the geostationary satellite, but first and foremost the implementation of the FY5KE station for the CQ WW DX Contest on 6 bands, in SSB. Nevertheless, we hope to find some slots available between October 22nd (~23 UTC) and October 25th to make the very first contacts since FY on QO100. We apologize to those who will not have the opportunity to contact us….

Real-time news

You can get news from us by following the publications made through the @f5uii twitter account.

2 thoughts on “First activity on QO-100 from French Guiana

  1. Hello 🙂

    i hope you will be QRV on QO-100 after 15:00-16:00 UTC to give a chance to working people also a chance to work FY.

    GL and best DX, Franz

    Bonjour 🙂 J’espère que vous serez QRV sur QO-100 après 15:00-16:00 UTC pour donner une chance aux travailleurs.

    1. Bonjour,

      Pour information, un compte-rendu de l’activité sera publié dans la revue Radio-REF (membres du REF) de décembre 2019, et également dans le Journal des membres de l’AMSAT-DL en décembre 2019.

      Bonne lecture
      Christian F5UII


      For information, a report of the activity will be published in the December 2019 edition of the radio-ref magazine (REF members), and also in the December 2019 issue of the AMSAT-DL Journal in December 2019.

      Have a good reading
      Christian F5UII

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