Control your transceiver and upconverter via SDR Console


Following my previous article dedicated to the transmission to the Qatar Oscar 100 satellite with SDR technology (LimeSDR, Adalm pluto), here is an article that will interest this time those who are equipped with up-converter or transverter and who use a “modern” station equipped with a serial CAT communication interface. Moreover, this function is simply useful for those who operate an SDR receiver associated with a transmitter, which can be used independently of satellite radio traffic. This function called “External radio” (as described here) is available since version 3.0.17 of SDR Console, software developed by Simon G4ELI.

Here is what the “External radio” function provides in detail:

  • Controls the transmitter frequency, depending on the SDR reception (SDR to Radio direction).
  • Function can be activated/disactivated
  • (inversely) Controls the reception selection when the transmitter frequency changes (Radio to SDR direction).
  • Function can be activated/disactivatedChanging the modes of the controlled transmitter
  • Indicating the transmitter’s status
  • Muting from reception to transmission
  • Reducing the SDR IQ reception gain when switching to transmission
  • Setting the offset between the SDR reception frequency and the frequency of the controlled radio transmitter
  • Possible control of 2 transmitters (switchable to either one or the other)
  • Setting the appearance (4 recordable configurations)
  • Possible setting of a RIT Offset

Compatible radios are those supported by OmniRig (List of controllable radio💬), and can still be extended.

I suggest you discover how it works, with this short video. On the left, you see a Yaesu FT-817 connected via serial port to SDR Console. On the right you can see the frequency, mode and transmission status control on the “External Radio” panel of SDR Console.

Below, here is the synoptic of the installation that is being performed. It consists of two parallel segments:

Complete diagram: QO100 transmission with up-converter, and SDR Console reception

By reading on, you will find step by step the operations to be implemented to achieve this result.

This article is “multi-page”, to be browsed from one page to another or directly from the contents to the desired page.

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