Motorola accessory socket adapter

In order to be able to easily connect the accessory socket from the back of Motorola transceiver (types GMxxx ,…), I realize a small PCB which allows:

  • Connect 12V to allow automatic re-ignition after loss of power
  • To adjust the audio level of the reception
  • To connect an interface assembly such as MMDVM or SVXCard via a 6-pin mini-DIN cable
  • To allow the transmission of the RSSI signal level voltage to the mini-DIN

The diagram is as follows.

Diagram in PDF : Motorola Mini Din adapter

Platine adaptateur connecteur Motorola mini-DIN

Gerber file to download : Gerber Motorola

The adapter kit for Motorola and its PCB may be available through grouped purchases on ShopChip


If you would be interested to participate in a possible future new grouped order (MMDVM board, SvxLink Card), leave your email below to be reported!

4 thoughts on “Motorola accessory socket adapter

  1. Will u publish the gerber files for the Motorola adapter boards?

    Allez-vous publier les fichiers gerber de la platine adaptateur Motorla ?

    1. Yes Florian it is. Included in this post.
      Oui Florian, c’est le cas. Inclus dans l’article

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