Automatic start of MMDVMHost

In this article, you will learn how to make MMDVMHost automatically start when your Raspberry Pi is turned on.

The automatic start of MMDVMHost

On the Raspberry Pi, there are two solutions (the ones I know) to automatically launch software when the Raspbeery Pi is turned on (or rebooted), running under Raspbian.

Simple startup

To start MMDVMHost automatically, the easiest solution is to edit this startup file and add the command line to start MMDVMHost before the statement exit 0

Starting with declaring a MMDVMHost service

Another solution, a little more elegant is to create a service.


Installation of screen

Creating the service file

In the [Service] section, the last two lines make it possible to restart MMDVMHost in the event of a crash. It should be noted that it is very rare to be confronted with unexpected stops of MMDVMHost. We will test the proper functioning of the restart further down in the article.

The MMDVMHost launch directories shown here correspond to those used during the MMDVMHost install tutorial.

Creating the launch timer file

The start of the service is delayed after 60 seconds after startup

Enforcement and service

We can restart the service manager

Now the MMDVMHost service is ready to start. At this point, we can start the service without restarting.

Verification of Service Operation

You can verify that the service launch MMDVMHost, by appearing in processes (ps) with the following statement. Must be displayed 3 rows.

For verify the operation of the service, you will have access to the MMDVMHost log with the following command

The operating status of the service is returned with this command

Let’s now test the automatic restart.

Step 1: The service is running, MMDVMHost is present in the list of processes:

Step 2: We will kill the MMDVMhost process with

Step 3: Immediately check the list of processes.

There is only one line left … But 10 seconds later, the same command again displays the 3 lines. MMDVMHost has been restarted!

Other command

To stop the service


Vous aurez compris que la seconde solution présentée et qui consiste à démarrer MMDVMHost en tant que service est plus robuste grâce à la fonction offerte par le service de redémarrer automatiquement MMDVMHost sur arrêt intempestif.

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One thought on “Automatic start of MMDVMHost

  1. Bonjour
    la solution la plus simple faire un fichier dans l’autostart avec un décalage de 30 secondes

    The simplest solution is to make a file in the autostart with a 30 second delay

    sudo su
    cd ./config
    sudo mkdir autostart ('s'il n'existe pas)
    cd autostart
    sudo nano MMDVMHost.desktop:

    [Desktop Entry]
    Exec=sh -c "sleep 30 && cd /opt/MMDVMHost; sudo ./MMDVMHost MMDVM.ini"

    CTRL+x Yes pour sortir

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