MMDVM dashboard installation on Raspberry Pi

This dashboard will inform you about the real-time operation of the MMDVM repeater.

This dashboard is proposed by Kim DG9VH. It exploits the MMDVM logs and must be installed on a web server. It is written in php.

Here are five steps to realize to have this functional dashboard on the raspberry pi MMDVM.

Preliminary step

Update the operating system with two commands

Install the git (community of codes opensource) downloading / synchronizing software

Validate the installation by Y for Yes

Installing the web server

Install the lightweight web server called lighttpd

Validate the installation by Y for Yes


Installing php

The php language must now be installed by these four command lines.


and move the files to the web server directory

Give access rights to the user www-data

Setting the MMDVM dashboard

Now we will configure the software so that it can retrieve the necessary elements from MMDVM.

From a web browser connect to the local network, launch a page pointing to the IP address of your Raspberry Pi MMDVM. To know his address, the following instruction on the Raspberry Pi will help you.

For example :

You will be prompted to go to the setup on the setup.php page


Here is the operating part of MMDVM configurations

General configuration part

To have the Raspberry Pi restart or shutdown command buttons functional, you must enter the login and password.


The dashboard works correctly when you see the contact history in the “Last Heard List” section on the main page. Also when the relay is transmitting, a line is displayed in the “Currently TXing”

You can delete or simply rename the setup.php file to remove the warning message.

I take this opportunity to thank DG9VH for this very successful and working software.

If you would be interested to participate in a possible future new grouped order (MMDVM board, SvxLink Card), leave your email below to be reported!

7 thoughts on “MMDVM dashboard installation on Raspberry Pi

    1. Merci Jean-Yves, toujours dans l’idée que cela puisse servir largement.
      Thank you Jean-Yves, always with the idea that it can be used as widely as possible.
      73 Christian

  1. Many thanks 😃 It’s nice to see the own work doing a good job at many locations meanwhile.


    Merci beaucoup 😃 C’est agréable de voir son propre travail se concrétiser à de multiples endroits.


    1. Thank you Kim for your contribution to the MMDVM project and help to follow up the working of digital repeaters.
      Merci Kim pour votre contribution au projet MMDVM et aide au suivi des fonctionnements de relais numériques

  2. Il faut que les commandes récursives qui donnent les droits à l’utilisateur www-data au répertoire /var/www/html soient exécutées après avoir recopié le contenu du dashboard récupéré à partir de gitHub.

    Il faut faire:
    sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/html
    sudo chmod -R 775 /var/www/html

    Après la commande
    sudo mv /home/pi/MMDVMHost-Dashboard/* /var/www/html/

    Recursive commands that give the user www-data rights to the /var/www/html directory must be executed after copying the dashboard content recovered from gitHub.

    We have to do something:
    sudo chown -R www-data: www-data /var/wwww/html
    sudo chmod -R 775 /var/www/html

    After ordering
    sudo mv /home/pi/MMDVMHost-Dashboard/* /var/wwww/html/html

    1. Tu as tout à fait raison, Ghislain, c’est mieux dans cet ordre ! La page est mise à jour
      Merci !

      You’re absolutely right, Ghislain, it’s better in that order! The page is updated
      Thanks !

  3. Pour que les commandes s’exécutent, il faut s’assurer que l’utilisateur www-data soit dans la liste des sudoers.


    In order for the commands to be executed, you must make sure that the user www-data is in the sudoers list.

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