Build your own homebrew MMDVM hotspot


After the online resources to mount its full duplex MMDVM digital repeater based on Arduino and Nucleo STM32F4, here is the time to explain how to set up a “homemade” access point (Hotspot) MMDVM  based on a few simple elements:

  • A “STM32Duino” board based on STM32F103 CPU, which we will program with MMDVM (firmware)
  • A RF transmitter/receiver UHF RF7021SE (ADF7021) circuit board providing a few RF milliwatts
  • a simple PCB circuit that allows the interconnection of the STM32F103 and RF part
  • and always the Raspberry Pi (to host MMDVMHost).
  • For firmware loading purposes, a TTL serial USB adapter

The purpose of this article is to guide you step by step through the process of assembling the physical parts and then to explain you the software configuration. We will complete the installation with a user-friendly Wifi connection management software (RaspAp).

Synoptic view of MMDVM HotSpot

If you would be interested to participate in a possible future new grouped order (MMDVM board, SvxLink Card), leave your email below to be reported!

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    Very nice tutorial Christian, thanks !


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