MMDVM Repeater management menu

Finally, there comes a time when you become lazy … By dint of always type the same commands to manage its MMDVM digital repeater…

I took a moment to put in a menu my routine commands.

I just give you the code to put in a shell file, directly in its home directory.


MMDVM menu file

cd ~
sudo nano
# 2017-05-20


while : ; do

choix=$(whiptail --title "MMDVM Repeater Management menu []" --menu "       >> >>  Make your choice  << <<" 20 50 10 \
1 " Job history" \
2 " Edit MMDVM.ini " \
3 " Stop MMDVMHost Service " \
4 " Restart MMDVMHost Service " \
5 " Kill MMDVMHost task " \
6 " Spy realtime log " \
7 " Calibrating MMDVM " \
8 " Updating DMR Id file " \
9 " Tasks -sorted by CPU usage  " \
10 " Global Reboot "   3>&1 1>&2 2>&3)


#on recupere ce choix
if [ $exitstatus = 0 ]; then
    echo "Your chosen option:" $choix
    echo "You chose Cancel."; break;

# case : action en fonction du choix

case $choix in
sudo nano ~/repeater-historic.txt ;;
sudo nano /opt/MMDVMHost/MMDVM.ini;;
sudo systemctl stop mmdvmhost.service;;
sudo systemctl restart mmdvmhost.service;;
sudo killall MMDVMHost ;;
6)  tail -f $(find /*.log -type f -printf '%T@ %p\n' | sort -n | tail -1 | cut -f2- -d" ")
7)  sudo /opt/MMDVMCal/MMDVMCal /dev/ttyACM0
8) sudo  /opt/MMDVMHost/ 1>/dev/null 2>&1

9) top
10) sudo reboot


exit 0

For the implementation of the service, I invite you to read the article devoted to the automatic launch of MMDVM.

Execution rights

sudo chmod +x

Running menu

To launch the menu, simply launch the command


or specify the absolute directory



Then you have only one last effort to put this into effect, and like me, be a lazy guy… 😜

Some will say that it would be necessary to add the management of other software … To you to play. Do not hesitate to share your versions by publishing them below in comments (They will be formatted with <code> tag).

If you would be interested to participate in a possible future new grouped order (MMDVM board, SvxLink Card), leave your email below to be reported!

4 thoughts on “MMDVM Repeater management menu

  1. Is it possible to create a desktop icon?

    Est-il possible de créer une icône de bureau?


    1. Personally, I do not use graphical environment on the repeater management Rasperry Pi. This is not necessary, so the few shell commands are in this menu launched in terminal mode.
      To answer your question, I will direct you to other site that handle this subjet.

      Personnellement, je n’utilise pas d’environnement graphique sur le Rasperry Pi de gestion de relais. Cela n’est pas nécessaire, les quelques commandes shell sont donc dans ce menu lancé en mode terminal.
      Pour répondre à votre question, je vous redirige vers d’autres sites qui traite de cela.

  2. Bonjour, très fonctionnel pour un environnement sans graphique tel que le Orange Pi Zero
    Par contre ircDDBGateway ne fonctionne pas (?)

    Hello, very functional for a graphic-free environment such as Orange Pi Zero
    IrcDDBGateway does not work (?)
    Thank you

    1. Pourquoi “ircDDBGateway ne fonctionne pas ” ? Vous pouvez ajouter toutes les commandes dont vous auriez besoin. Je vous invite à prendre inspiration sur les commandes intégré au menu de DL5RKF.

      Why “ircDDBGateway does not work”? You can add any commands you need. I invite you to take inspiration on the commands built into the menu of DL5RKF.

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