DATV: How to encode in h.265 with an external HDMI encoder

Paramétrons l'encodeur

  1. Connect to the encoder from a web browser by typing its IP address which is The login to enter is admin and the password is 12345.

  2. After logging in, on the Live view page, and validating the browser warning to authorize Flash player

  3. In the integrated window on this page, you can view the video stream captured by the encoder. In my case, this is screen number 3.

Controlling the video encoder

There are two ways to use the PlutoDVB and External Encoder couple :

  • The PlutoDVB directly controls the bitrate (CBR) and image definition values that the encoder should encode and send to it. It is the PlutoDVB that determines these parameters according to the expected transmission characteristics. We will call this method: Automatic method, and we will deal with it in a second step.
  • Another option is to set the definition and the audio/video bitrates that you send to the plutoSDR yourself. Let’s call this the manual method.

We will study both methods. Let’s look at the manual method first.

Bad news for audio encoding ?

Some of you have of course already tested the box and have probably noticed some issues. Indeed the injected audio channel does not reach the PlutoDVB. Rejoice, solutions exist for both methods (manual and automatic). It makes the use a bit more complex but as usual, by following the steps below, you will get the expected result: H265 images with audio.

Let’s clarify the technical issue of the audio: By default, the encoder does not transmit audio on the streaming channel. To unblock this situation, we need to set it to “audioen” for “audio enable”. But this parameter is curiously not available on the encoder web interface. We will be able to send it through its “computer” interface, its API server (this is the channel used by PlutoDVB in automatic method).

5 thoughts on “DATV: How to encode in h.265 with an external HDMI encoder

  1. Merci pour ce guide.
    Concernant la mise à jour des fichiers système par la clé USB, il faut un hub dit “OTG”, dans mon cas j’utilise un HAMA Hub USB 2 OTG (ou un hub standard + un câble OTG). Il semble également que le disque USB se monte pas automatiquement forcément sous /media/sda… Sur mon Pluto, il apparaît sous /media/sda1.
    Voir nos discussions à ce sujet ici : https://forum.batc.org.uk/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=6626
    73 qro de michel, hb9dug

    Thank you for this guide.
    Concerning the update of the system files by the USB key, you need a hub called “OTG”, in my case I use a HAMA Hub USB 2 OTG (or a standard hub + an OTG cable). It also seems that the USB disk doesn’t automatically mount itself under /media/sda… On my Pluto, it appears under /media/sda1.
    See our discussions on this subject here: https://forum.batc.org.uk/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=6626
    73 qro de michel, hb9dug

    1. Merci Michel pour votre contribution intéressante,
      73 Christian

      Thank you Michel for your interesting contribution,
      73 Christian

  2. Greetings from New Zealand.

    I notice that you have done some work with this inexpensive h264 encoder.
    I have been trying to find out if it can encode 1080i50 as well as 1080p50
    Would this be something you could test? It seems to be very difficult to find.

    Best Regards,

    Salutations de la Nouvelle-Zélande.

    Je remarque que vous avez fait un peu de travail avec ce codeur h264 peu coûteux.
    J’ai essayé de savoir s’il pouvait encoder aussi bien le 1080i50 que le 1080p50
    Serait-ce quelque chose que vous pourriez tester ? Il semble très difficile à trouver.

    Bonne chance,

    1. Stuart,
      Here is a capture where we see that the output is indicated 1080p. Concerning the input I have no way to test the variant. I use a notebook, and I have no other source available. Sorry for the poor help.
      H264 H265 ecnoder 1080p
      Voici une capture où l’on voit que la sortie est indiquée 1080p. Concernant l’entrée je n’ai pas moyen de tester la variante. J’utilise un notebook, et je n’ai pas d’autre source disponible. Désolé pour le peu d’aide.

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