The transmission over Qatar Oscar 100 satellite with SDR Console

Signal amplification on 2.4GHz

So here is my second article about the satellite traffic on Qatar Oscar 100 (Es’Hail 2) and the SDR Console software. This software developed by Simon G4ELI is really very pleasant to use, in reception and transmission. It is pleasant to be able to answer a calling station, by a simple click on the waterfall, and transmit precisely on its frequency. I would like to thank Simon G4ELI for the development of this software of very high quality, stability and functionality.

Your SDR transmitter (LimeSDR, Adalm Pluto) can be used for a DATV transmission station. Maybe this could be the subject of another article in my blog, who knows….

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Very good listening and very good traffic on the Es’hail 2 satellite / Phase 4A / Qatar Oscar 100 !