The transmission over Qatar Oscar 100 satellite with SDR Console

S'équiper pour l'émission vers le satellite

Synoptic of the transmission line

This is the basic principle of transmission on the uplink to the satellite, in SDR transmission. In this article we will discuss all the stages that make up the transmission line, and especially the transmission and amplification part: the transmitter is no more constituted by a “classical” conversion and analog technology but by a SDR (Software Defined Radio) technology emitter. To get a technical understanding of SDR, I suggest you watch the video presentation (in french) of a SDR conference by Sylvain F4GKR and available on the REF-Info channel.

Synoptic of the transmission line to the Qatar Oscar 100 satellite – The CN0417 already includes a 2400MHz filter

This synoptic is composed of three main parts (from left to right):

  1. A transmitting antenna adapted to the 2.4GHz frequency
  2. An amplification and preamplification and filtering part
  3. The SDR transmitter capable of emitting on 2400MHz, operated by a computer equipped with SDR Console (installed on a Windows® system) and a sound card and headset

One thought on “The transmission over Qatar Oscar 100 satellite with SDR Console

  1. Bonjour Christian,
    Superbe travail…Bravo et merci de faire partager.
    Je voudrais démarrer sur QO-100 sans aucune expérience satellite (OM).
    J’ai compris que dans votre description de la partie réception, vous utilisiez un dongle RTL mais qu’ensuite lorsque vous décrivez la partie émission, vous utilisez un transceiver Lime SDR pour l’émission et la réception.
    – Je ne comprends pas bien quels sont les éléments de la photo ci-dessus..?
    – a priori le mode de fonctionnement est le full-duplex mais je ne vois pas comment il est possible de connecter simultanément la sortie de la tête 10GHz et l’antenne hélice d’émission via les différents preamplis et amplis mentionnées.
    Merci pour votre aide.

    Hello Christian,
    Great work…Well done and thank you for sharing.
    I would like to start on QO-100 without any satellite experience (OM).
    I understand that in your description of the reception part, you use an RTL dongle but then when you describe the transmission part, you use a Lime SDR transceiver for transmission and reception.
    – I don’t quite understand what the elements of the picture above are…?
    – a priori the operating mode is full-duplex but I don’t see how it is possible to connect simultaneously the output of the 10GHz head and the transmission propeller antenna via the different preamps and amplifiers mentioned.
    Thank you for your help.

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