The transmission over Qatar Oscar 100 satellite with SDR Console

Des astuces avec SDR Console


  1. You can listen to the audio transmitted locally thanks to the Monitoring available at the bottom of the Transmit panel. Click on RX to hear the audio as it will be transmitted by your SDR transmitter. The oscilloscope or FFT analyzer allows you to control your transmission.
  2. If you find that the audio level is not sufficient despite the microphone’s high gain, you can add a constant gain of a few dB. In the SDR Console’s Transmit top menu, click on Options. In Audio In (Mic) choose Gains to choose a microphone boost level. Note that on this panel, you also find a way to limit the audio and RF levels by frequency band. This may be interesting if you plan to use your SDR equipment for transmission on other bands.

  3. Like the equalizer that exists for reception, you can “correct” the audio transmitted by your microphone using the dedicated equalizer for transmission. In the top menu Transmit, click on Options. In Audio In (Mic) choose Equalize to adjust as desired. You do not have to close this panel to hear the result of your adjustments.

    Equaliseur audio de la voie d’émission

  4. In the environment of amateur radio stations, there is often background noise from forced ventilation. SDR Console includes a digital filter that significantly reduces these types of sounds. In the SDR Console‘s Transmit top menu, click on Options. In Audio In (Mic) choose Denoiser. The attenuation level is adjustable. It is indicated that consideration should be given to using [Proc] compression to compensate for the losses induced by this filter.
  5. The audio processor can be switched on with the [Proc] button and its level adjusted from the Transmit panel
  6. SDR Console also includes a VOX detector that automatically switches on the transmission. Set the trigger threshold and the transmission hold time with both sliders. Activate the VOX with the dedicated button.
  7. When you switch to transmission, you can reduce the audio level of the reception. This will allow you to stay tuned while not disturbing the audio level (this is required by the satellite usage rules published by AMSAT-DL). In the top menu Transmit of SDR Console, click on Options. In Receiver Mute, check Enable and adjust the level of the reception signal as desired.
  8. Your SDR transmitter may not be exactly set to the frequency corresponding to the reception. To correct this, you will activate the offset function on XIT transmission. In the Receive panel of SDR Console, activate the XIT button and adjust the correction frequency until you hear your signal from the satellite in the same tone as what you generate locally.
  9. Activer le décalage XIT pour corriger votre fréquence à l’émission

One thought on “The transmission over Qatar Oscar 100 satellite with SDR Console

  1. Bonjour Christian,
    Superbe travail…Bravo et merci de faire partager.
    Je voudrais démarrer sur QO-100 sans aucune expérience satellite (OM).
    J’ai compris que dans votre description de la partie réception, vous utilisiez un dongle RTL mais qu’ensuite lorsque vous décrivez la partie émission, vous utilisez un transceiver Lime SDR pour l’émission et la réception.
    – Je ne comprends pas bien quels sont les éléments de la photo ci-dessus..?
    – a priori le mode de fonctionnement est le full-duplex mais je ne vois pas comment il est possible de connecter simultanément la sortie de la tête 10GHz et l’antenne hélice d’émission via les différents preamplis et amplis mentionnées.
    Merci pour votre aide.

    Hello Christian,
    Great work…Well done and thank you for sharing.
    I would like to start on QO-100 without any satellite experience (OM).
    I understand that in your description of the reception part, you use an RTL dongle but then when you describe the transmission part, you use a Lime SDR transceiver for transmission and reception.
    – I don’t quite understand what the elements of the picture above are…?
    – a priori the operating mode is full-duplex but I don’t see how it is possible to connect simultaneously the output of the 10GHz head and the transmission propeller antenna via the different preamps and amplifiers mentioned.
    Thank you for your help.

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